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Your Facebook Account Hacked? See, How To Recover

If you are running the Facebook business account, it’s almost sure that you may be the target of any Facebook Hacker anytime. Even, sometimes, they may hack your normal account too. It is really a very serious issue. Therefore, you should never take it lightly. It may take you a huge loss of money, the downfall of your business, and the miss-use of your personal data. Also, they may make Facebook down for you. Therefore, here I am to tell you some very common hacking tricks that may make the user face the issue Facebook account hacked. You should know them well so that you may be aware of them to protect your account.

Let’s have a look.

Phishing Technique

The phishing technique is the most common method of hacking. Here, the hacker creates a login page that looks exactly the same as that of the real Facebook login page. The hacker has the authority of owning that page. So, when the user does the login through that page, the hacker may clearly see the login credentials.

How To Avoid The Phishing Issue?

The most common way to avoid the Phishing issue is to check whether you are accessing the right login page or not. Also, it’s better to use standard browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Also, you should access your account on some specific devices only, but not on all.

Keylogging Technique

However, This is not a remote hacking trick, but it is equally dangerous. This type of hacking can be done only by those who have the accessing to your device that you generally use to access your account. Here, the hacker first installs some programs on the user’s PC or device. When the user types anything on the device, the hacker gets to know all those activities in various ways.

How To Avoid The Keylogging Issue?

First and foremost, you should take care that never uses your Facebook or any other account on any unknown devices. Never download any software or application about which you don’t have that much knowledge. Scan your device, and remove viruses and malware from time to time.

Dark Web Technology

However, it is not so popular hacking the technique of hacking because a few people know about it right now, but the interest in this arena has been increasing fastly with time. The most common reason behind this increasing interest is that here the user can get most of the costly things at very affordable prices. Such as, here, you can get free HBO GO subscription, Amazon Prime Subscription and many such things at amazingly low prices for a lifetime. Also, this part of the internet offers free Paypal cash in exchange for very little money. As for example, you may get 500 $ Paypal cash in your Payal wallet by just spending 5$. Also, if you have little knowledge of programming too, you may be offered some good money here for doing some tasks.

Hearing all these can make your mouth watered, however, but wait. It has some really dark side too that may take you to Jail. This web is actually the part of the internet that is used for illegal activities. And whatever you earn or buy here may most probably have come through some illegal sources. And, the most dangerous thing here is that if you don’t have that much technical knowledge, your system may be hacked very easily. If once your system is hacked, it may take no time your hack all your account that you may have accessed on that device.

How To Protect Your Facebook From Dark Web Hacking?

The very first advice for you is that it’s better to stay away from the Dark web. But, if you wanna use it, then, make sure to never access your account on the browser that you use to access any Dark web websites. The most common browser used to access this web is the Tor Browser. So, always avoid using it or any such browsers related to the Dark web. Also, whenever you use the  Dark web, make sure to clear all the cache and cookies from all the browsers. Also, remove the Facebook Password, and all other passwords stored.

What If Facebook Account Got Hacked Already?

In such a case, you may either visit the Facebook help desk first. If that may not help you, then, you should take help from the customer support team to get rid of the Facebook account hacked issue.



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