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How To Recover Facebook Password?

Facebook is one of the finest social networking platforms as by using Facebook you can make new friends, get in touch with family and old friends, promote your business, and lot more. As now mostly all individuals manage various social networking platform so it is quite difficult to remember all accounts passwords. If by chance you have forgotten your Facebook password and you are unable to retrieve it and need guidance then do read our How To Recover Facebook Password as the steps present in it will help you in recovering your lost password.

Procedure for Recovering Facebook Password

Facebook Sign In - At first open your desktop and then in the browser search box type and then just hit the enter button. Thereafter Facebook (Fb) login page will get open there enter your email address or phone number and password and then after that click on the login button. But if in case you not remember your password and you want to recover it then just click on the Forgot Password link.

Find Your Account - On clicking the Forgot Password link Find Your Account page will get open on that you need to enter your email address or phone number to search your account.

Opt Method To Recover Fb Account - After that select any one method to recover your Facebook Password. You can recover your password by providing alternate email id, phone number, etc.

Facebook Verification Code - If you have opted for the alternated email address method or phone number method then on that the verification code will be sent by Facebook. To verify yourself you need to enter the received verification code in the code box.

Final Step To Password Recovery - After entering the Code another page of Setting Password will get open on that page you need to create a new password and after creating the Password save it as on doing this your Facebook Password will get recovered. Once after recovering the Facebook Password do refreshingly login your account by providing a new password.

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