How To Use Google Pay, Google Pay, Tez

How To Use Google Pay?

Google Pay is the payment service of Google previously its name was Tez. This is one of the secure payment apps and by using this payment application one can transfer and receive the payment from any corner of the word. If you don't know "How To Use Google Pay" then just read this blog and learn to use and set up Google Pay in an easy way.

Set Up Google Pay (Tez)

In order to use the Tez user first need to set the Tez account and To set up the account just follow the direction provided below.

Install Google Pay 

First, open your mobile phone and from your app marketplace download and install Google Pay on your mobile phone. Tez is also known by the name of G-Pay.

How To Create An Account On Google Pay?

  • After downloading the application on your mobile phone. Open the App.
  • Choose a language from the "Choose a language to get started" page.
  • Then after that enter the mobile number. Do enter the number which is registered on your bank account.
  • After entering the number click on the "arrow" icon present on the right side of the screen.
  • Thereafter from the "Choose an account" page "enter the name" and read the terms and privacies mentioned on the page and then after that click on the "Continue" button.
  • On clicking the button you will receive OTP on your phone enter the same on the verification page. On completion of the verification process, you just need to create the secret PIN (password).
  • Once after generating the Google PIN tap the "Continue" tab. While creating the PIN user can also use the fingerprint or screen lock.
  • On clicking the tab Unlock "Google Pay" page will get open on that user need to enter the create PIN/screen lock/fingerprint.
  • On entering the PIN your account will get open. In this way, one can create an account on Tez.

Add Bank Account on Google Pay

  • To set up the Tez, the user has to provide bank account details on the account page. From the account page click on the "Bank Account" option.
  • Then click the "add bank account" link.
  • Choose Card
  • The verification process will occur. The verification process will itself get complete in three steps i.e. Send SMS for the verification process, Verifying mobile number with a partner bank, Find bank account.
  • On completion of the verification process, the user needs to enter the UPI PIN, debit/credit card number, Card Expire date.
  • After that enter the OTP and again enter the  UPI PIN and confirm the PIN. In this way, your Google Pay account will get set up and your bank account will get linked with Tez now you will be able to pay and receive payment.

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