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How To Create Yahoo Account?

Whenever you sign up for a new yahoo account, you get enough storage for millions of emails with large attachments. A yahoo account is not an email provider but you can access a lot of things such as news feed, calendar, notepad section, address book and a lot more. With the help of yahoo account, you can handle other email accounts like Gmail and outlook. For new users, to Create a New Yahoo Account might take a couple minutes or more if you are stuck at some point. You can  also search an online solution. If you don’t find something useful then you can follow our steps on How To Create Yahoo Account.

Steps To Create Yahoo Account

  • Go to Yahoo Sign Up page
  • Fill in the form by entering your “first name”, “last name”, “user name”, “password”, “phone number”, “date of birth” and your “gender”
  •  tap “continue”
  • Tap either “text me an account key” or “call me with a verification code”( this will confirm that you own that phone in a concern of that phone number)
  • Type the key to verify that you have access to that phone
  • Click verify
  • Tap continue

As soon as you click continue, you’ll be immediately sent to the yahoo home page where you can access yahoo mail by clicking mail on the top right corner of the page.

We are sharing some general information that you must know after you create your yahoo account. Trying keeping a strong password so that hackers can’t reach your data. A strong password is always difficult to guess. In case, you don’t remember your password, you have the facility to store it in a password manager. Also, store your phone number which is beneficial for account recovery in the future if required.


The information we’ve mentioned in our write -up might have helped you somehow. We collected all relevant information for our viewers to get your yahoo account created. New users definitely might have gained some information from our blog. If you are still stuck at some point, immediately let us know and we will come up with solutions for our viewers. Some technical fault can’t is resolved on its own for which you definitely need an expert. For any query or information on yahoo account do let us know by commenting on the comment section below.

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