Make Google My Homepage

Own A Google Home Page To Personalize Your Web Experience

Are you looking forward to having Google Homepage? Are you not capable enough to do the same on your own? Don’t worry! What you are required to do is follow the given procedure in a careful manner:

  • Users are, first off all, required to go to the Tools icon which is located at the far right of browser window in order to own Google your homepage in a trouble free manner.
  • You will be asked to opt for Internet options once you reach out over there in a successful manner.
  • Now, you will have to go to the Search section which is located in the General tab and then you will be asked to click Settings option in a careful manner.
  • Apart from that, select Google and then you need to click set as default option and once you are done lock, stock and barrel, you will have to click Close option in order to get the task done.

However, if you come across any kind of technical or non technical hitches or glitches during the course of following the above mentioned procedure, it is strongly recommended and suggested to approach our troubleshooting team comprised of young, dedicated and proficient professionals who will provide you with the best possible solution, through which you will be able to deal with the entire host of problems in a trouble free manner. They leave no stone unturned in not only fixing your problems but also providing you with the amazing experience. 

Apart from that, if you are not comfortable with phone call support, you can make proper utilization of email support facility or live chat support. Besides, if the problems you are running into are pesky, it would be wise to ask for remote support service through which you will be able to get your problems resolved in a convenient manner. In addition to this, if you are looking forward to getting more information about the same in a detailed manner, what you ought to do is take a quick tour to our website.

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